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Bridget Riley Exhibition at the Hayward Gallery (London 2020)

New Years Day, 2020 – I took my family to see the Bridget Riley Exhibition at the Hayward Gallery in London (including children in the age range 8 to 14).

Firstly, the Hayward Gallery is a great space – light and airy on the Southbank and fortunately very easy for me to get to from South East London, meaning it’s an easy decision to go here on New Years Day.

We had pre-booked tickets and the staff were alert, friendly and helpful which is tough just a number of hours after seeing in the new year (decade).

The tempo of the exhibition worked well, starting with monochromes (photo above) leading on to colours and huge works on walls.

My favourite was a wall showing how Bridget Riley calculated and planned her works. She did this by working on graph paper which makes total sense given the style and precision of her stunning geometric works.

If found these slightly faded and worn workings-out to me more interesting than some of the actual finished works. This is probably because it enabled me to get into her mind a little to see what she was trying to achieve.

It was difficult persuading my wife to leave, but in the end hungry children prevailed and off to Wagamama it was.

Summary: A highly enjoyable trip to a very interesting exhibition at an excellent venue.