Fine Art Print – “Abbey Grey”


Fine Art Print

“Abbey Grey”

Not wishing to try and play visual tricks – apparently black, white and grey prints have subtle colour such as this print which contains a warm grey to soften the harsh back lines.

Despite developing vividly coloured geometric prints, grey (and variations thereof) are my favourite colours including Gainsboro, Spanish, Concrete, Davy’s, Platinum, Ash, Battleship, Gun Metal, Charcoal, Cool, Slate, Puce and Taupe.


Fine Art Print – “Triangluo Impressao”

Fine Art Print - “Triangluo Impressao”

Fine Art Print

“Triangluo Impressao”

This classic Mid-Century tile design re-interpreted as a fine art print using a pale Portuguese blue colour pallete.

Mid-Century is a term which describes not only art and design, but graphic design, products and architecture from the mid-20th century. This design movement roughly covered the period from 1933 to 1965.

This period saw the use of vivid colours in print an textiles.