My work reflects my mixed English and Persian heritage.

20th Century Modern and Persian Geometric Art have heavily influenced my work since I graduated University. Although I have a science degree I also studied Iconoclasm and Digital Art including pattern recognition which help fuel my passion for minimalism in both the visual arts (Carmen Herrera and Ellsworth Kelly) and in music (Brian Eno, Harold Budd and Philip Glass).

Since the 1990’s I have worked in oils, acrylics and inks on paper and canvas as well as experimenting with other physical and digital media. Most recently I have been working with acrylic graffiti spray on paper and digital geometric prints.

I have lived and exhibited in London, The Hague, New York, Paris and Sydney. Details soon on my 2018 exhibition of Persian influenced geometric fine art prints in Seoul, South Korea.

Giclée Print - Industrial Brush Giclée Print - "Young Fabrication" Fine Art Print - “Triangluo Impressao”